Re-Creating Mankind to Christ-Kind!

YHWH is Re-Creating Mankind to Christ-Kind!

We are not here to be God, but to Love God. As the Son of God, Yeshua had every right and given authority to be called a God, but made himself not equal with the Father, who is the Creator of All things.

Even Satan tried to make himself equal with the Father and was shortly thrown down from his position by pre-Yeshua who before taking man-flesh form. Understand Satan went for the next position: Adam, who is created in the image of God and Yeshua, who having dominion over the Earth, unlike Yeshua, he who is like God, the expressed image of YHWH, the Captain of the Armies of the YHWH, who threw down Satan, Adam folded and gave over his dominion. Adam who also was consider being a son of YHWH and had authority on Earth.

Understand the Father is re-creating the spirit of man to be equal with the spirit of his Son Yeshua, to be co-heirs of the dominion of the Earth. In so creating new creations, new sons of YHWH and the old mankind,YHWH will dispose of. So we are here being re-created to be Loving Sons of YHWH, not be the Father, but to Love the will of the Father.

Understand every Earth Age is a part of a overall of plan of Grace to his creations, the sons of YHWH and the Earth itself. The Plan of Salvation, Redemption and Re-Creation of his Children. Yeshua was the full example of the plan from Spirit encased in Flesh, Baptism in the Spirit, Death: paying the reward for our Sins and Resurrection, even he is a New Creation by only Father's will. Understand no other sons of YHWH: Spiritual Messengers has taken the full form of man, dead and been resurrected. Yeshua is the only one who have been both originally spirit and man, then given back his full glory as the Son of YHWH.

So, call no one good, there is only one who is Good, that is the Father.

Selah! Amen!
Pr. Aaron B. Wheeler, Minister