Holy Days

Salvation Celebrations
Leviticus 23 / Colossians 2:16-17/James 5:7

YAHAVAH's Biblical Hebrew Calendar

 Spring Green Ear of the Barley 
Nisan/Abib 1st
Exodus 12:1-2

Latter Rains before Festivals (Joel 2:23)
Prophecies to be remembered:

The Lamb & Unleavened Promise
Nisan/Abib 14th
Luke 22:19

Resurrection Day 
Day of Living Hope of the Firstfruits
Nisan/Abib 17th
1 Corinth. 15:22-23

The Out-Pouring
Sivan 7th
Acts 2:17-18

First Advent of the King
Birth of Christ!
Full moon night of Elul, the sixth month
Luke Ch. 2

Former Rains after Festivals (Hosea 6:3)
Prophecies still to come:

Return of the King
1st of Ethanim / Tishri the 7th month
The evening of the New Moon
1 Thess. 4:15-17 / Isaiah 27:12-13

The Reconciliation of All Creation 
10th of Ethanim / Tishri the 7th month
Revelation 7

The Tabernacle of God
 8 days celebration - 1st day
15th day of Ethanim / Tishri the 7th month 
Rev. 21:3 / 2 Corinth 5

Gathering of the Saints
  8 days celebration - 8th day 
22nd day of Ethanim / Tishri the 7th month 
Isaiah 35 / Isaiah 11 / Ex. 34:22-24

Declaration of Light
Yahshua reveals himself as the Light of the World
 25th day of Kislev the 9th month 
John Ch.9 - Ch.10

Days of Lots: Curse to Blessing
The Courage of a Hebrew Woman and Integrity of Hebrew Man
 14th and 15th day of Adar the 12th month 
Book of Esther