About Ministers

Pastor Aaron B. Wheeler, Bishop and wife, Lady Sonceria
Though raised as a Christian, he was still lukewarm, back-turned, disobedient, honing his skills to glorify the world through Entertainment, Marketing and Politics. It was November 29, 2007, when Mr. Aaron Wheeler was summoned into the Yeshua’s ministry by three simple words, “It Is Time” at that moment he was baptized by the Father’s Holy Spirit. The same city he was born and raised in Pasadena, CA, so was he reborn in the Kingdom of God in 2007. Ordained and blessed the Holy Spirit of God, took him into the streets preaching, coffee-shop bible studies, then directed his feet into prison and disenfranchised group ministry. Pastor Wheeler was given the understanding that the “church” are the people, not the building. God furthered the ministry by turning to reach the world through the Internet as a Social Media Missionary to the Digital Church Generation (DCG). He teaches, encourages, pastor and fellowships through the use of multi-media reaching across the globe.

Pastor Wheeler is married to his beautiful wife, Mrs. Sonceria Wheeler. Lady Sonceria is the Director of Woman's Ministry known as: L.A.D.Y Ministry, based on Proverb 31, where classic biblical values are understood for the “modern” world. Together Pastor and Lady Wheeler, through "lessons and blessings" grow spiritually mature glorifying and teaching the Truth of the Heavenly Father and his anointed son, Yeshua.

Pastor Wheeler is a father to six children and a proud grandfather. He is a son, a brother and a friend. Above all, a Follower of Yeshua and a freed child of the Father, YHVH.

Ministry credits:

Ordained non-denominational minister recognized by the State of California - Since 2008
Founder & Bishop of Children of Light Ministry - Founded 2008, Incorporated 2013
Publisher of The Mustard Seed - Periodical Newsletter 2013
California State Prison Ministry ~ 2012 -2013
Evangelist Minister at the Los Angeles Mission Chapel ~ 2012 - 2013
Evangelist Minister at The Midnight Mission 2013
Certificate of Recognition from Pasadena Juvenile Court, Parent & Youth Advocates 2013
Board member of the Center of Truth Ministries & College - Since 2012
Guest minister & speaker for various events, live and television.