Divorced and Christian!

How does a Christian Couple deal after thinking or getting a divorce? 

Know that we are all broken, even so, YHWH loves us, he sent his only begotten Son as a Gift of Love and Forgiveness. Even when he separated his Holy Spirit from us, the Father through Christ, planned to reconcile us back to him. Yet, the Father, never divorced Himself from us. Live in Faith, that is where Forgiveness is and be Loved. Walk forward with the Spirit of YHWH guiding you, reconciling you onto him. 

In starting anew, so will he do for you, so you can be back in order of His will. God is not a god of confusion, nor is He a god of division within his Kingdom. There is no escaping, we Reap, what we Sow. Sow the Love of God in your Heart and Reap the fruits thereof. May your marriage be reconciled, truly that is the Will of God.

If the latter, being divorced. I pray for his original blessed purpose of marriage, two become one. God being Faithful in forgiveness, may God bring someone new into your life, both in Faith, in one accord of His Will. Together being accountable, listening to God, knowing your purpose and knowing that nothing is impossible for God. 

Live not to create division in a home that God built to be a Blessing, as it is said, "It is not good for the man to be alone..." Don't allow the world to separate you from the Mind of God. The world is separation in itself, so is Satan, the "prince" of this world divorced from God.

In both cases: Forgive, Turn to God, Be Loved by God, Keep the Faith in the Impossible through God!

Peace and Prayers,
Pr. Aaron B. Wheeler, Minister