Exodus 3

God, Exist. The simple Truth, proclaimed. 

Yes, over many years, Alahym may have been described by many titles and fame, but through his Eternal Voice, known as Yeshua, from his bosom as a Son begotten, Alahym is known to us in this time as Father, the Originator of all spirits. 

He who has described himself as I AM, that I AM, even to be known as for generations as "I AM", YAH'EHVEH, this is his name forever and shall to be remembered. 

One name given to a Nation to be remembered by all Nations and rehearsal even the hearts of the haters, the unbelievers. It shall not be erased from this age or even the next, it is engraved and sought by seekers of Truth. 

Welcomed by those eagerly awaiting comfort in the spirit, that it is the name of the Holiest of All spirits, none sweeter than honey, last longer than eternity, a name that has no age, YAH'EHVEH, Exist, that is "I AM", that is his Name, EXIST! 

Those who have ears, Hear!

Peace & Prayers,
Pr. Aaron B. Wheeler, Bp.