Love & Victory

"But thanks be to God, which giveth 
us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
~1 Corinthians 15:57~

Do not weary from the Truth. Fools may scoff, the Wicked may be thorns, but God's Love will never leave you hopeless and incomplete. What is the Gospel, than simply this, "YHWH Loves and Blessed You".

If you can't stand up and be encouraged in that Truth, what is there to stand for? Yes, in Love there is Faith, be faithful in that knowledge of outstanding Love. Such Victory, in knowing Love conquered Death, beyond all Attacks, physical or spiritual, Love conquered All.

Victorious is our King Yeshua, over Flesh and devils. An example of overcoming by the Son of YHWH, so that we may be like sons of YHWH. Doubt Not, in Love & Victory, for it was given to Us as Gift to be received. Receive this Gift, take it Now, Life given Freely, take it with all Thanksgiving. Not of man, but of Spirit. This is the Truth, not being subjected to, but of Freedom. Not of Hatred, but of Compassion. Not Sold, but of Ransom.

Understand, what you see is not the beginning, nor the End. There is no end to Love Everlasting. What God has accomplished began with his Hand and end with his Hand, not with the hands of men. So, do not be weary, your Strength and Victory is in his Hand of Love. Amen and Selah!

Pr. Aaron B. Wheeler, Minister