Belial (satan) and fallen angels hate confidence in man. 

To know that no matter what the wicked throws at you, they will never matter, compared to the Love of God. Enraged the wicked of this world.

To know the plan of YHWH - sending Truth and Forgiveness by his son Yeshua, loving man so much to heal the spirit man with Salvation.

Confidence ~ Is the enemy of the wicked. 

Yes, the wicked will always try to disguise their hate and anger with loveliness, kindness and flattery, but the darkness will always fade through. 


We're not talking about arrogance, only the prideful wield arrogance. 

I'm talking about the feeling of knowing Love at its greatest, so that you are willing set aside your own ego, so that others can feel the radiance of that Love. To talk boldly, so others will go and ask to be bathe in that Love. Not for yourself, but for those who know not that Love. 

You don't need money, idols, power and/or works, if willing, it willingly given. 

Confidence in YHWH means Life given back. 

Confidence to look back on the ways of death, and let it go.

What loving Father, who love their children would not give freely to his children?

Knowing that the Creator of all spirits, the Holy Spirit is inside of you, allowing his Glory to shine through you. Knowing you are his child.

Fallen Angels and the wicked Hate Confidence, but those who are Confidence in God, choose Love.

Pr. Aaron B. Wheeler, Minister