BLESS! Who Trust in YHWH

Woe! To those with no heart for the rich in spirit, for you are poor in the eyes of YHWH. Shifty are your ways, that your foundation is but dust on the belly of the fiery Asp. These last days are as a sand grain of a hour glass. Hold on to your ways of deceitfulness, and know that destruction will come as a man of famine devours a pomegranate. Not a seed will fall onto good soil.

Blessed are they that trust in YHWH, for his mighty hand will lunge and the sword of voice speaks righteous judgement on the nations of perdition. The Blessed will bow with humility and arise to glory, to be gathered as one under his Son, the Shepherd, eternally. All will remember the blessing of the promise of Abraham, yet many will not walk in that promise, that way will be shut to those speak vainly and follow the ways not of the Father.

Remember the Father, he who fashions all spirits, that man are only like unraveling sackcloth twine, in his promise, his Spirit has wash the saints in righteous to be fine garments through the anointing of his Son, Yeshua, in all authority brought salvation, given judgement in his hand. Do not be slow to hear, nor slow to gasp for the breath of repentance and bringing your heart close to God. Believe not the deceit of spirits who want to snatch you away. Let not their ways, be close to your heart, that you rot as a beast left on the wayside. 

Let your light, be a calling to those who have lost direction, as a lighted tower calling out to the seas, and shipwreck none, causing anyone to stumble in the word of God. Empty, are vessels of rage, where anger eats away at the fill of joy. So, are they in vain that hate the knowledge of YHWH, he who have created all things. Full, are the Spirit-filled, where gratefulness is bountiful in a corner of the master's field. Glory is the house of the Lord, that it is filled with children who seek the Kingdom of God. Selah! 


Pr. Aaron B. Wheeler, Minister