Clock and the Clock Maker

"Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: 
for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come." 
~ Psalm 102:13 ~

So many people have been taught to look for God from Earth to Heaven aka False Religion. It's always been Heaven to Earth, the Love of YHWH given to mankind. But as long as we seek false Religion, we will always be in the dirt searching for answers, when all the answers are with the Father and the Son.

Analogy of the Clock:

This whole world is like a Clock, we all have our part, purpose, different but equal. Gears, springs, tumblers, etc. YHWH is the Creator of the Clock. It's perfect in working order, but two pieces lose their balanced, their placement, the Clock still working but not accurately, still ticking, but out of sync.

As generations go on, it begans to slow down, rust, affecting every piece. YHWH doesn't want to get rid of the Whole Clock. It is still his Masterpiece he loves, looks at it fondly, works on it ever so slightly.

As he diligently works on the Clock, when the time came, YHWH places a new golden gear to rejuvenate the clock.

Now some gears know about the golden gear, excited to work correctly, confident, feeling loved that the Creator is going to fix the Clock.

But here is the problem. Some gears have been out of order for so many years they believe that its suppose to work inaccurately and some don't want to be fix at all, they like it the way it is. Some gears say, I don't want to be a gear, I want to be a spring or tumbler. Others, lacking all other parts try to be a clock on their own.

YHWH takes the gears, springs and tumblers who want to be fix. They're tap, molded, bent, polished and places back into the clock. The other parts who don't want to be changed feel the pressure of the responsibility to work in order. Begin to fight back, become stubborn and even tries to jam by teaching other gears to do the same. Causing some of the polished parts to want to given up, so some do and begin to rust again. The other polished and oiled gears, springs and tumblers stay focused, knowing the Creator is going to finish the work he had purposed from the beginning.

But God knows at some point he will have to take the rusting and stubborn gears, springs, tumblers and will have to throw them away. Never be used again.

God doesn't want to throw parts away, but for the purpose and good of the whole Clock, it must be done.

This world teaches us how to look at life temporarily, buy it and throw it away. It may be things and/or people. Not appreciating our purpose, as men or women, shades of all colors, children or adults. We lost the understanding on how YHWH see us.

We do all this blind and ignorantly, while God is working diligently on trying to put us back together again.

That is the LOVE of GOD. YHWH is saying Love one other while I work in you and the World. Despite our efforts to be temporary and work for the now, God is building us for eternity.

Understand, being out of order of God's will, is still out of God's will. A gear will be a gear, not a spring or a tumbler, we have to accept our part and love it, because God Love Us.

YHWH Bless! Peace and Prayers!
Pr. Aaron B. Wheeler, Minister