I'm not ashamed to preach and teach on a Doctrine based on Good News. A teaching that say you can LIVE, if only you will believe, listen and learn to Love, just as the Creator Loves us. So why so many hate his Doctrine? Because for many reasons: they need to change, take responsibility of their actions, to be humbled to someone greater than themselves, or just liking the feeling of fleshly satisfactions. Pick one, they will all encompass the hatred towards the Doctrine of Life. If these reasons are contrary to LIFE, this means these reasons lead to Death. 

Why is it called Good News? Because it is Good News to the believers, the seekers of Life and Righteousness. This was the Good News seek from the Dawn of Mankind, the first time Man forget their position in creation. This Glad Tidings was promised by the Creator, that Good News was coming our way, that the grips of Death was going to be let loose and would no longer have a hold on us. Only we would have to Believe, Listen and Learn to Love that God Loves us in a fair and righteous way to make way for the Rebirth of Mankind. Those who believe, learn to live the life intended by the Creator and testify will be honored of joining in the rebirth of Mankind. 

Now, many in the beginning may not exactly understand the methods, strategies and timing of applications, i.e. plans, used by the Creator, also refer to the "Mysteries of Alahym and/or Mysteries of the Kingdom of Alahym"., but they were set in action as soon as we left, The Way. 

Yes, I wrote this as a overview of the the Good News, the details and the plan was recorded over time in the Bible manuscripts, not all recorded was approved by God, but was allowed as examples of many who went against The Way, also with what limited information they had at the time, those who did their best to stay on The Way. But, no matter the Creator continued this plan, even when others tried to go against his Way. 

The Creator love us so much, he kept his WAY in giving us the Good News as we know today. The Creator, who we call Father, at one time by the nations, know as EL Shaddai (Alahym of the Mountian), we will know the Creator personally as "Ehyeh 'I AM' who is the YAH'EHVEH, of All Existence is consist of",  for all generations to Trust. It was He who sent us his Son with the Spirit, Word and Works of his Doctrine of the Good News for eternity. So, This is why I am not afraid to preach The Good News, because it is good news. 

Peace and Prayers!
Pr. Aaron B. Wheeler, 
Bishop of Children of Light Ministry