Official Statement on the Supreme Court Decision

Official Statement on the Supreme Court Decision
Pr. Aaron B. Wheeler, Bp. H.R.P.O.Y.
Bishop after the Holy Royal Priesthood Order of YHVH and 
Pastor of Children of Light Ministry Church

My views on all sin has not changed. Period. My God and Father, YHVH's WORD has not changed. His Will is my will. The United States of America's Supreme Court Decision does not change my views on Holy Marriage, which is between a Man and a Woman, just as stated by my King and purposefully ordained by my God.

What also hasn't changed is my Love for all people Saints or Sinners, Friends or Foes. My King Yeshua laid down his Life for all, so would I for Righteousness' sake, so that all may experience the greatest Love of All, Grace through Christ from my Heavenly Father. 

My King hasn't changed, neither has my Father, neither have I. Love you All, Praying for you All, Equally. 

My Greatest Advice: 

Listen and Believe ALL of the Word of God, Christians and Non-Christians - Repent your Intent, your Heart is the problem, your Actions are only a slave to your heart. Those who call themselves Christians will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, just as well Non-Christians. It's your Heart. You can say you Love Jesus or say you have same Love for others, but if you don't believe the whole of the Word and walk in the Word, understand both sides will have no placed in the Kingdom of YHVH. Repent the Intent of the Heart! 

Love you from your Brother, Friend, Called Watcher of this Generation, Christ's Ambassador and a son of YHVH. A Holy Kiss! 

~ Pr. Aaron B. Wheeler, Bp. H.R.P.O.Y